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Welcome Beauty Professionals! 

The Body By LA Professional line of products are Professional Use Only and sold to beauty professionals.  If you have already been granted access, please sign in to your account. 

In order to gain access, view pricing and make purchases, please do the following: 

1. Register a new user account (If you already have an account, creating another isn't necessary)

2. Submit a copy of your VALID professional license including Esthetician, Cosmetologist, Salon/Spa Owner and Beauty School Student Contract/ID via the "LICENSE UPLOAD" Form in the menu. (Click Menu icon for the drop down menu. Click Body By LA Professional. Click License Upload.)

Please Note: License must be active, cannot be expired and screenshots from state websites will not be accepted. (Please note: User account information and Upload form information must match.)

3. Once we have received and verified your professional/business credentials, we will notify you via email.